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I would like to share my experience with a girl.

We were In same college during +2 . We fell in love. Usko ghar ma pani Tha payo. Bhie ko kura Chaldai thiyo. We decided not do marry since we were just 18-19. She was beautiful. Dherai kta haru le uslia propose garthiyo. She used to flirt back maile fb messager check garda. Ani I asked her pw ani I used to block those who would flirt with her. I used to say “Hamro ghar ma kura vaisakyo” kina Yesto garaeko? Later I found that she has another fb id and another SIM card hidden in phone case. I asked myself “ is it because I am ugly? Something wrong with me? I begged her not to do these things. She used to cry and asked for forgiveness when I told her we should break up. I believed her and forgive her 4-5 times . I caught her cheating. I realized ki kt haru on the fly runa sakchan.how can girls be such heartless Sochi. I just couldn’t let her go. How pathetic was I? How dumb I was to figure out she is not going to change. One day I found sexual pics in her phone. Maile Kati fight gare Aru kta haru sanga but I didn’t realized that it was her fault.merai gf ko fault thiyo. Hamro proper break up pani vayena. She just gaslighted me telling my and her family side that I was using drugs that why she left me. I was in my lowest. 7 years has passed and still I am sad . I have moved on but it still hurts when I go to places we used to go. May be I am lato , pathetic person who just couldn’t let her go.

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