Process of obtaining NRN Citizenship ➤

Process of obtaining NRN Citizenship

NRN Citizenship in Nepal: Reconnect to Your Roots (2024)

NRN Citizenship

The Nepal Government, through the 3rd amendment of the Nepal Citizenship Regulation, 2006 (2063), has authorized Non-Resident Nepalis to obtain NRN Citizenship.

Non-resident Nepalis have been conferred Nepalese citizenship, entitling them to economic, social, and cultural rights, excluding political rights. According to the Amendment, individuals residing in countries outside the South Asian Regional Cooperation Organization and acquiring foreign citizenship after being a citizen of Nepal by descent or birth through their father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother can enjoy economic, social, and cultural rights through non-residential Nepalese citizenship.

Applicants seeking NRN Citizenship must establish that their father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother was a citizen of Nepal at some point and subsequently acquired citizenship of a foreign country outside the SAARC Country.

How to apply for NRN citizenship?

NRNs can submit their NRN Citizenship applications through the Embassy or Consulate Office of Nepal in their foreign country. Alternatively, they can directly apply in Nepal at the CDO office, where they must personally present their case.

Process of Acquiring NRN Citizenship in Nepal:

Currently, most Embassies of Nepal and Consulate Offices do not accept direct applications from foreign countries. They advise applicants to visit the respective CDO office in Nepal where their citizenship or ancestral citizenship was issued.

Some CDO offices require a recommendation letter from the ward office recognizing the applicant’s ancestral origin to grant NRN Citizenship.

Timeline of obtaining NRN Citizenship Card:

Applicants visiting Nepal to apply for NRN Citizenship directly through the CDO Office can expect the process to take 10 to 12 working days for completion.

Required Documents for Renouncing Nepali Citizenship:

a. Original Nepali citizenship certificate and passport,
b. Copy of foreign country passport,
c. Citizenship certificate of father/mother/brother or a witness confirming the applicant’s identification.

Documents Required for NRN Citizenship:

a. Ward office recommendation for NRN Citizenship,
b. Letter of commitment as per the CDO Office format,
c. Proof of renunciation of Nepali Citizenship if previously held,
d. Citizenship certificate or passport of the foreign country,
e. Proof of foreign country residence,
f. Visit of two close relatives or acquaintances to the CDO Office, or any Nepali citizens who know the applicant,
g. Document proving that the applicant’s father, mother, grandfather, or grandmother was a citizen of Nepal and later acquired foreign citizenship.

Disclaimer: This is a simplified guide for informational purposes only. Regulations and procedures may change. For the latest information and personalized advice, consult a legal professional specializing in Nepali citizenship.