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Possibility of Remaining Unmarried in the Context of Nepal

Everyone has their own choices, and for me, I’ve never desired to get married. I prefer not to shoulder additional responsibilities and accountabilities beyond caring for my parents. Contemplating life after marriage, the thought of the responsibilities and duties associated with children and a spouse overwhelms me.

Therefore, I entertain the idea of staying unmarried and relishing single life until my last breath. To preempt potential challenges in old age, I plan to accumulate a substantial savings in stocks.

My inspiration largely stems from Western culture, which is gaining popularity for embracing unmarried lifestyles and maximizing personal enjoyment.

How many of you are here with similar thinking like of mine? Please put your views forward.

To address any doubts regarding my sexual orientation, I want to clarify that I am a straight male, not LGBTQ.

However, my concern lies in potential resistance from conservative and traditional Nepalese families. Exploring this possibility raises apprehensions about societal expectations and familial norms.

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