Is MRP(maximum retail price) not enforced in NEPAL properly?? ➤

Is MRP(maximum retail price) not enforced in NEPAL properly??

Here’s what happened. I went to BRT from KTM for my dashain-tihar vacation and during my 1-month break, I ate countless fast foods and Kurkure(my favourite) was one of them. Now that I am returning to KTM I just realised that our MRP laws and not so strictly enforced in these matters. In the packaging of Indian Kurkure, which is made of plain corn and is way better than ours(my taste),
there was a “20 INR” printed on the top left corner
which meant that MRP should be INR 20 = NRS 36 including tax and transport and all ( which I don’t see how that is my problem but still..), it should be 40 because it is MRP for us consumers and not the rate at which retailers buy so they have more or less margin added in that 40 rs. Regardless law doesn’t hear what people have to say right? Either you increase your MRP or enforce them properly! Either way, I just wanted to raise this topic to see how MRP works and if is It ok for retailers to just take around 40% margin (assuming) just like that. It does matter since we deal with this in our everyday lives.

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