Nepali guys talk tough on words ➤

Nepali guys talk tough on words

I usually don’t view my previous post/replies but I had to search one post and saw lot of down votes in one of my replies which I totally don’t mind at all. However, I’m just utterly astonished with all those up vote replies which were basically same.

Topic was this “Throwing Bootle thrown out of bus window”

Q. What would you do?

A. Most replies were like I would do the same. Throw the bottle at that person. Like Tit for Tat answers.

This issue is kind of similar to Miruna case but she did in action whereas on above topic, guys talking tough like I would do the same which they meant they would do in action.

This is not like where you are trying to defend. It’s not even an attack! First you don’t know who he/she is. Second you don’t know his/her intention. Third, is that the best reaction you can do?

But how so? How would you react if it’s a tough looking guy or just old drunk woman or just those shitty gangster lookalike having a dull day and throw the bottle at you. Now would you dare to hit him/her back?

I know you all would hit back too. Thanks for the laugh.

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