Nepal Investment Summit 2024 Attracts Global Participants ➤

Nepal Investment Summit 2024 Attracts Global Participants

Over 1,600 Investors from 55 Countries to Attend Third Nepal Investment Summit on April 28

Nepal Eyes Increased Foreign Investment as Global Investors Flock to Mega Summit

In a strong display of international interest in Nepal’s burgeoning investment opportunities, over 1,600 individuals from 55 countries have confirmed their participation in the upcoming third Nepal Investment Summit, scheduled to commence on Sunday, April 28. The Office of the Investment Board of Nepal has revealed that invitations were extended to over 2,400 potential investors worldwide.

Among the attendees, a significant contingent of 265 participants will represent China, reflecting the country’s keen interest in exploring business prospects in Nepal. India follows closely with 143 representatives, while the United States and Japan will send 33 and 28 participants, respectively.

Other notable international presences include 14 participants from the United Kingdom, 13 each from Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates, and 10 from Germany. South Korea, Australia, and Malaysia will each be represented by nine participants, with eight attendees coming from Pakistan.

The Summit has also attracted investors from diverse corners of the globe, including Singapore, Qatar, Ghana, Saudi Arabia, France, Bahrain, Switzerland, Finland, Russia, Austria, Sri Lanka, and Colombia, among others.

Notably, the event will showcase a total of 150 projects across 23 stalls, with 19 projects specifically seeking letters of intent from potential investors. The first day will feature an opening session followed by two major sessions, while the second and final day will host 11 parallel sessions, providing ample opportunities for networking and exploring investment prospects.

Nepal, with its strategic location, rich natural resources, and untapped market potential, has long been recognized as an attractive destination for foreign direct investment (FDI). The Investment Summit serves as a pivotal platform for the country to showcase its economic opportunities and foster international partnerships for sustainable growth and development.

The Investment Board of Nepal expects the Summit to generate substantial interest from global investors, paving the way for increased FDI inflows across various sectors, including infrastructure, energy, tourism, manufacturing, IT, real estate, hydropower, mining, and agriculture.

As Nepal continues to prioritize economic development and create a favorable investment climate, the third Nepal Investment Summit represents a significant milestone in the country’s efforts to attract foreign capital, expertise, and technology, ultimately contributing to its long-term economic prosperity.