My grandfather is in his death bed

My grandfather is in his death bed

My grandfather who is at the age of exactly 90, is in his death bed and here are some of the things that I appreciate about him and some which I am not fortunate about.

He had to face a lot of struggles in his life mainly because he got orphan at the age of 2. His mother died after 5 days of his birth and his father when he was 2. Despite that ,his brothers and sisters were also out of contact after some years ,and he started to live at relative’s house. He says that some of them prolly disappeared and some of them died and there is no any evidence of any of my grandfather’s siblings.

As he is the only grandfather I had in my whole life , here are some few things I was not blessed on.I never felt that grandchild love. Also I never had that love and closeness kind of vibration with my grandfather, but of course there is biological love. I never had a single life talk with my grandfather and I kind of feel so regret that I could’ve atleast had a talk with him few years back when he was able with his consciousness.

He has 8 childrens 18 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren, but he never stopped to work and struggle for his life.

Please stay with us as much as you can 😉

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