My dying hair ➤

My dying hair

Hey what’s guys had to start with joyful saying before the bomb drops I am 22 and super depressed and adding fire to the fuel I am facing an existential crisis with that kind of thing going Anyone would give up their life but not me I am strong for the time being I collapsed 3 times due to overthinking and having a health counselor he advises to write blogs blah blah all that shit so taking my heart out on the post and when I thought all the things can’t get any worse I started facing hair fall ohh that cherry on the cake right now it’s not that visible but it starting to get on my nerve when I shower at least 200 hair fall and there are small spots where hair follicle is permanently disappearing and a new follicle won’t grow back I guess in next 3 hair it will all go away so suggest me what should I do to cope up with it.

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