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La worldlink ley ni lyayo hai

La worldlink ley ni lyayo hai

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  1. nomad_in_a_quest says

    This made me think that they could have increased bandwidth before at the same price. And If CG didn’t come they would have never.

  2. PsychologicalDeer905 says

    Well rip just installed CGNET 10 days ago. Was fine for a week. Aile 2-3 din vo noticing terrible speeds at peak hour rati 8-9

  3. reason__________ says

    60mbs lai 300 deko raixa ra po hamro ma slow vako raixa randi ko ban wordlink, mug.

  4. Infinite_Diet3454 says

    khai malai ta aayena ta esto message

  5. JayGurung says

    Ma ta sad nibba bhaye, 300 mbps aune bitikai paisa tiri tiri upgrade gari haley first week of release mai 😅😭🥲

  6. tsaroz says

    Classic Tech le kahile lyaune ho. 300mbps dina thale vane ta mero FUP 10 dinma FUPU hunxa hola.

  7. Altruistic_Project63 says

    Competition leads to better innovation 😉

  8. I_Hear_WhiteNGold says

    Mero world link 20 mbps dekhi 50 mbps ma upgrade bhaxa Rs.1017/month.

    CGnet becomes available in my area, I’m definitely changing to it without a second thought.

    I’ve been scammed by world link for long enough.

    Untill a few months ago i used to pay Rs.1800 for 15mbps
    worldlink had subscribed me to net tv without telling and charged it to me.
    Even the invoice didn’t say that i was being charged for net tv.

    When i went out of city for a few months for work so i didnt top up my wifi, a call came from world link saying there is a winback offer Rs. 1017 a month without net tv.
    Thats when i realised ive been scammed for atleast 4 years straight.

  9. procipher says

    Boro le kun chai fake image share garera sab lai jhukkayo.

  10. magar_pun25 says


  11. PoozanAP says

    Bholi bihana wothda yei message dekhos prabhu.. 🙏

  12. sulu1385 says

    I don’t think this is right.. I haven’t got the message yet and worldlink is already far ahead of everyone else right now and doesn’t need to do this

  13. worthynepali says

    mero pani 60Mbps 5G PACKAGE HO… valley vitra ko lai matra deko hoki k ho?

  14. nepalihoni69 says

    Is this real?

  15. EvilxGOD says

    So I am ranting about something I am still petty pissed about.

    Used to have worldlink and we were preparing to get higher speed plan that wa son offer, it would cost around 12-13k during that offer time.

    And when I called, they aid it was old plan… Dispite seeing the ad running on their app, website everytime I opened them… Got was I pissed. Their new plan was about 14k. Now you might think it is only 1-2 k more, that doesnot mean one can just magically get 1-2 k cash in hand. And even then, since their ad was ongoing, why had they not remove the ad or remade it.

    So we got classic tech. It’s generally bad, after a week the connection started losing speed, but overall, compared to worldlink that would need every 3-4 month repair this and that, classic tech doesnot really have such problem, but the speed is trash, and at early 3-4 am, the router sometimes reset.

    I am still pissed with worldlink, they call about router point or whatnot, to which I ignore them. I am being petty, but so what.

  16. Tight_Ad_2657 says

    Guys don’t be sad tapai haru ko ma aako xaina vane they roll out plans like this slowly by specifying groups so they can handle the problems that will come with this expansion

  17. __eyeless__ says

    malai ta ayena ta esto msg. i have 80mbps though.

  18. sandesh6969 says

    Mero 100mbps ko plan cha tara esto msg ako chaina ta

  19. croft_guy_209 says

    Is this real? How much Mbps would I get if I have 50 Mbps plan? It’s time to change the router if this is real.

  20. dhundhukari says


  21. alchiketo says

    Did you subscribe to photon, or was your package changed overnight itself by worldlink

  22. Mynamejuan20 says

    Khai hamro subisu le lyaudaina tah esto geda plan

  23. Witcher_2203 says

    maile 15 din agi Rs 17272 ma 60mbps 1yr ko tireko malai ta upgrade gardexaina tei 60mbps ni ma slow xa 40 samma dinxa 5ghz ma ni speedtest ma 58mbps samma dinxa,ajha aba 349 day jati baki xa tespaxi ta jabo 60mbps lai monthly Rs 2486 kalle tirxa ra tetro aile baru yearly 17272 le monthly 1440Rs parna janxa tei ni aile ta regret vho vianet le tetro price ni 1250Rs banaidexa 125mbps ko bekar 1yr tirexu thag worldlink

  24. RareGlass9034 says

    Is this genuine? Seems like photoshopped.

  25. cereal_killerer says

    Is this free? I’m on 80 mbps and haven’t gotten this till now.

  26. Traditional-Chard324 says

    Inside valley matrei hoki all over Nepal ho?

  27. Asheem8848 says

    Subisu le chai kailey lyaune ho 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  28. CuriousMeeting6638 says

    just got the message itself tara actual speed chai purano package anusar nai chaliraxa.

  29. Annual-Country4106 says

    This guys after Gadgetbyte confirmed Worldlink increased speeds :-

    [“They called me a madman”

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