is studying MBBS worth it? ➤

is studying MBBS worth it?

I recently took the CEE exams and secured a rank below 700, which allows me the option to enroll in a decent college (paying) . My parents are ready to cover my fees. However, I must admit that I dont have a genuine interest in studying medicine and don’t have a specific life goal. I thought being a doctor would be a safe job with good pay and a future regardless of the outcome. But now I am second-guessing myself. Is pursuing this course really worth the hype?

There’s a common belief that doctors have little to no personal life and might have to wait until their 50s to earn a good income, especially if they stay in Nepal. Another option is taking the USMLE and going abroad, but this route is more competitive than the CEE. I don’t think I have that in me to give up my youth just to earn respect and get settled with a family when I am 50. So, what should I do? Am I overthinking this stuff and go ahead with studying MBBS thinking it will be worth it or should I opt for another field (like Engineering after taking a drop)?

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