Nepal Oil Corporation Commences Construction of Petroleum Storage Facility in Rupandehi ➤

Nepal Oil Corporation Commences Construction of Petroleum Storage Facility in Rupandehi

New Storage Facility Along Rohini River to Meet Rising Demand for Petroleum Products in Lumbini Province

In a significant development, the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has embarked on the construction of a modern petroleum storage facility along the banks of the Rohini River in Rupandehi.

The construction project, spanning the boundary areas of Omsatiya and Rohini Rural Municipalities, commenced with the joint inauguration led by Manjit Kumar Yadav, Chairperson of Omsatiya Rural Municipality, and Bidya Prasad Yadav, Chairperson of Rohini Rural Municipality, on Wednesday.

NOC authorities revealed that the initiative stemmed from the pressing need to address the reduced storage capacity of the Bhalbari depot in Rupandehi, coupled with concerns regarding its proximity to residential areas.

Covering an expanse of 13.5 bighas of land acquired by the corporation, the new depot is poised to cater to the petroleum demands of Lumbini Province for up to 20 days.

This strategic move aligns with NOC’s broader agenda of bolstering storage infrastructure nationwide to accommodate the escalating demand for petroleum products.

Chairperson Bidhya Prasad Yadav reiterated the local government’s unwavering support for the project, emphasizing the imperative of addressing community concerns and fostering collaborative endeavors.

Despite hurdles in parliamentary committees over land-related jurisdiction, the construction budget has been greenlit, paving the way for the establishment of three diesel storage tanks, two petrol storage tanks, and three kerosene storage tanks.

Scheduled for completion within the fiscal year 2026/2027 (2083 BS), the project timeline entails embankment construction and landfilling by June/July (Asar), followed by the finalization of project design by September/October (Asoj).

Kathmandu University has been entrusted with crafting the project design, with the foundation stone slated for laying in November/December (Mangsir) this year.

Ramhari Niraula, Manager of NOC, underscored the urgency of the new storage facility, citing congestion and capacity limitations at existing depots. He emphasized the imperative of meeting burgeoning petroleum demands through enhanced storage infrastructure.

The location of the new facility, spanning 70% in Omsatiya and 30% in Rohini Rural Municipality, underscores a strategic distribution for optimal operational efficiency.

Petroleum entrepreneurs, including Prem Neupane and Rakesh Kasaudhan, underscored the pressing need for the new facility, citing safety concerns and operational risks associated with the existing Bhalbari depot’s proximity to settlements.

The consensus among stakeholders underscores the criticality of modernizing storage infrastructure to ensure safety, efficiency, and sustainability in petroleum supply chains.