How to move out ??

How to move out ??

I am living with my cousin for almost 8+ years, but things have been so salty between us lately which does not mean we have been into argument much lately or we have been into fight lately , but behavior wise we r not at all in good terms. I have been living with one of my cousin since my high-school , till around my bachelor completion period he was nice and all we both would live in harmony , we would share many problems we were like brothers from same mother, but right after my graduation COVID hit, just for the context , he is 2 yrs younger than me and he did diploma and he started making money since after a first year of his diploma in his own field i.e IT because he was kinda financially cutoff by his parents. Because of covid I stayed at village and he got back after few months because he got called back to work from his office, I stayed at village for 1 year working in a local school. When I finally decided to get back here, while I was at village his brother had joined him here his little brother had came here for high school. When I got here I found that he is no more the same person at all, all the household chores was on his little bro’s shoulder, he would give no f\*\*k about that any more. He was drastically changed, he remained unchanged by my coming. I found He treats his own brother so harshly making him do everything for him, I been generous to little brother treating him like my own bro, taking him out for snacks and sharing meals, even when I had financial constraints. However, I feel unappreciated and have noticed that the little brother is not very considerate. Despite my efforts, he does not reciprocate my kindness that much I don’t know why, I have done many things for him, since he is unemployed he does not have to partake in room’s expenses and I have not complained about it to his brother also because I take it lightly and think it’s all good .All the expenses we split on half.

I felt really sick because of gastric issues and asked this little brother to get me some water. He initially refused and started reminding me about my turn. I reminded him of how I’ve taken care of him when he was sick in the past. He finally brought the water half-heartedly but continued to be on his phone and till aroudn 8pm, my gastric was hitting me hard so I had to start doing chores realizing he will start it after he fades up watching youtube shorts.

I was already feeling down because I had to argue with him just to fetch some water which only takes barely 2 min. It’s frustrating because he’s physically capable, it’s not that he is physically not-abled or some but avoids doing chores when his turn is over. When he didn’t start making dinner by 7:40, I went out to buy veggies and started doing the dishes myself. Finally he came reluctantly to take charge.

Our parents don’t talk to each other, but we talk to each other parents with no problems because of that I am not being able to make a decision of moving out because I am scared it might distant our family’s relationship even hugely which I don’t want I always feel we all have to maintain niceness to each other and we need to live in harmony with each other but things doesnot seem such for us. However, when it comes to household chores, his brother doesn’t want to help, even when I’m sick. Lately, even his little brother, who used to help, is giving me an attitude. As far ar his brother is concerned, I can understand he might think I’m well-off and shouldn’t do these tasks, but when I’m sick, I feel like I deserve care and support.

Even he and I both get sick, his brother doesn’t seem to care because he is a high standard dude, and just goes to work doesnot even ask that much about our wellness because he thinks it might make him to do household chores and he might need to stay at room taking care of us, outwardly every one thinks we r living in harmony in room splitting all the responsibility but it’s not like that at’s not that he doesnot give a s\*\*t about anyone he does, he calls for every other hour to his gf if she falls sick, its just brothers that he feels no compassionate about. I’m starting to feel like I should move out, but I’m scared it might escalate the situation and strain our relationships with both families. What should I do?

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