Infotaining Nepal since 2001

Hello everyone (•‿•)

Im a Hindu from India, and i thought why not talk with Nepali Hindus. I’ve only one question…

* what Nepali Hindus think of Hindus of India?

Please ask, or say what you want to say about other topics, but atleast participate in comments. Not a troll, this is my alt account, used as a back-up.

और अगर हिंदी में बोलोगे तो अच्छा रहेगा। 😉

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  1. top_10_dohori_songs says

    Nepali people think that Indians in general are a bit extreme with their religious stuff.

    I have noticed that many Indians have this spontaneous feeling of brotherhood for Nepalese more than other nationalities because of the shared culture and religion, but an average Nepali might not feel the same in terms of religious identity.

    You have to understand that the political and historical context of India and Nepal is different. India went through centuries of foreign invasion, slavery, genocide, colonialism, systematic destruction of temples, culture, mass conversion to formation of Pakistan, violence in Kashmir and terrorist attacks in modern period. So, religion is at the forefront of their individual identity. Not a days go by without something reminding you that you had to endure all that because you are a Hindu.

    On the other hand, Nepal was tucked safely on the lap of Himalayas. We never had to face such atrocities due to our religious identity. So, our identification with religion isn’t that strong. Not saying we are an atheistic society, don’t value religion and culture but we don’t walk around with that chip on the shoulder because we haven’t faced any existential threat based on our religion yet.

  2. coolguy777x says

    नेपालीमा भए झनै राम्रो,
    just think that indian hindus carry way much religion in their shoulder, like religion everywhere. maybe because of the extremist rivals you have to face everyday so. also, sorry to say but i believe the hardcore stupid things like bathing in dung or patanjali in general is destroying our religious image. nothing more, i also hate the fact that many indians believe ‘akhand bharat’ existed recently and that nepal separated from it. lmao what!

  3. procipher says

    I think Hindus in India are more extreme than in Nepal.

  4. [deleted] says


  5. bhalu-dai says

    Krishna janmastami and ganesh chaturthi is not big thing in Nepal compared to how big day it is in India. Dusshera also known as Vijaya Dashami is biggest festival in nepal whereas deepwali is in India. When it comes to Hinduism world thinks its only about india and many Indian thinks its only their thing

  6. Shy_Fy says

    I think, the way some Indian Hindus are preaching Hindutva and advocating Hindu Supremacy is corrupting the very concept and core of Hinduism. It’s also affecting how people view Hinduism and Hindus.

    Nepali Hindus ke bareme..aap kya sochte ho? What is the general view?

  7. KasparovStoleMyQueen says

    I once had a not so agreeable conversation with an Indian Hindu nationalist who called my culture an emulation of his and claimed “Only Indians are the inheritors/heirs of Hinduism”. Make of that what you will.

    And before you say I am biased against Hinduism, I was raised by Hindu parents, I still practice and matter of fact have the Gayatri Mantra and the words “Tat Tvam Asi” from the Hindu Scripture (Chandogya) tattoed in my arm and back respectively.

    Edit: Nvm, you cant read the conversation anymore. It seems he deleted of his comments along with his account.

  8. growingsomeballs69 says

    Altercations in terms of religious preferences and practices is nil here compared to the daily mass propaganda India happens to encounter every now and then. I can barely recall those sorts of moments. We’re chill. We don’t force our values upon other groups. Sometimes opinions clashes does happen but since we respect each other’s beliefs and heritages and acknowledge where they come from, it’s been in our best interest to not make mountain of a mole hill. We see inter-religious marriage in our society but man you do you! Who cares?

    wohi baat hai. chatth ke samay me christian ho ya muslim ho hum sabhi ko prasad batte aarahe hai. Sab chill hai. India mei hindutva ko lekar aadmi sab jyada hi extreme hote hai. Jo dikhta hai wohi bol rha hu. Maybe ek arka ko differences lai bujhera sanga celebrate garda alaggai majja auxa, tyo pani try garnu… But whatever

  9. Plane_Teach_8719 says

    One thing great about nepali people is we aren’t that much fanatic over religion. Like gervis says

    There have been nearly 3000 Gods so far but only yours actually exists.The others are silly made up nonsense. But not yours. Yours is real.

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