Gold Prices Drop Sharply, Silver Follows Suit ➤

Gold Prices Drop Sharply, Silver Follows Suit

Rapid decline in gold prices as market witnesses consecutive decreases within two days

Gold prices witnessed a significant drop on Tuesday, declining by Rs 2,700 per tola (11.66 grams). This decline follows a previous decrease of Rs 1,100 per tola, resulting in a total decrease of Rs 3,800 per tola within just two days.

The Federation of Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association reported that on Tuesday, gold was being traded at Rs 135,500 per tola, marking a substantial decrease from the previous day’s rate of Rs 138,200 per tola. This sudden decrease in gold prices has caught the attention of investors and consumers alike.

In addition to gold, the price of silver has also experienced a downward trend, dropping by Rs 45 per tola. Silver, which was previously trading at Rs 1,705 per tola, has now decreased to Rs 1,660 per tola. This decline in silver prices further adds to the market’s volatility and uncertainty.

The consecutive decreases in gold and silver prices raise concerns among traders and investors regarding the stability of the precious metals market. As the prices continue to fluctuate, stakeholders closely monitor market trends to make informed decisions regarding their investments and purchases.