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Electric Scooter In Nepal ? Still worth it ?

I just did a rough calculation here

For using Daily 50km, 25 days in a month : 50×25= 1250 KMS

In petrol bike with 40KM mileage : Current price 175pl
Per km : 175/40 = 4.375 per km.
1250×4.375= RS 5468.75 in a month
Per year : 5468.75*12 = RS 65,625

In Electric scooter with (50km) range in full charge.
Incase 20rs per unit. 2 unit for full charge i.e 2*20= Rs 40 per full charge
Charging every night full charge : 25×40 = RS 1000 per month.
Per year : 1000×12 = RS 12,000

Per year saving : 65625-12000 = RS 53625

Battery cost around 1 lakh plus suneko ho. 2 years ko petrol ko saving battery ma jancha. So 2 years ma battery fernu paryo vane ta ustai kharcha jasto vayo ta apart from servicing cost ani aru miscallenous cost haru ?

Abha bike jasto maja ta audei audeina electric scooter ma tyo ta ho tara budget ma basna parda thik huncha ta electric ? Within Kathmandu Valley matra ho ride.

so ustai ustai parna aucha ra bike ra electric scooter kharcha pachi ? ki Battery ajhai besi last garcha ? Kati le 3 years vancha kati le 5 years vancha kati le 600 life cycles vanchha.

Esma aba servicings costs and maintenance cost haru ko calculation chaina which could make more differences but I don’t have any idea about it. Owners haru le vandinu vaye sajilo hunthiyo.

Afno regular use lai Vehicle line ho tei vaera alik soch bichar puryayera lim bhanera confusion vairako cha.

Suggestions are appreciated !!!!!!

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