Infotaining Nepal since 2001

Discord for studying for Grade 11/12.

Do you guys want discord server for that? I’m gonna create it.
For sharing notes, helping, chatting, tutorials, collections of notes, pdfs, questioin papers and everything.
Let me know if you guys are joining it.

r/Nepal by No_Bat9898

  1. procipher says

    Boro, tyo discord ma ultimately gali garne ra chada bolne matra huncha, just take book and read. In remaining time, gain some useful experience, that would take you to better path.

  2. icyyxyy says

    Send the link :’)

  3. theflameranger88 says

    Send the link

  4. ankit6368 says

    padna nee aajkal ko theeta thiti lao discord chaiyo haina ta.

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