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Did you guys watched animal?

I had been eagerly waiting this movie ever since they released the teaser, and I finally watched it. To my surprise, i loved it! The scenes were pretty intense, with a lot of violence and guns, not something i expected. They main character is toxic asf, and what amazed me even more was that the audience seemed to approve of it. It’s rare to see such acceptance. I honestly didn’t think people were ready for this kind of content, but I guess I was wrong.

The hero’s mindset is similar to these red pill bros 😭😂. I can’t help but wonder about the impact it might have on the younger generation, much like what we saw with the Radhe movie. It definately makes up to list of iconic charecter like patrick bateman, tyler durden ,thomas shelby which people look upto as their role model. Whats your thought on this.

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