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Couple dinner as wedding gift

One of my close friend is getting married coming week and I was thinking of organizing a couple dinner for them as a wedding gift. Suggest me some place nice to do so..

r/Nepal by hariyopanitanki

  1. sinner_93 says

    Getting married lai dinner might not be an appropriately matched gift. How about a voucher for a night out at a nice hotel? Maybe a massage/spa.

    Dinner mai bhaye if you’re looking for fancy places try Mariott, Vivanta hotel. Ali thikka ko bhaye Vesper Cafe has a nice ambiance. Or just about any Thamel ko restaurant with good food has a good vibes, you can choose one of those.

  2. Critical-Bad-7952 says

    Hokkaido Japanese restaurant

  3. procipher says

    Voucher for chandragiri resort. Couple ko lagi scheme haru huncha.

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