Citizens Bank Launches Fonepay Credit Card, Revolutionizing Digital Payments ➤

Citizens Bank Launches Fonepay Credit Card, Revolutionizing Digital Payments

Nepal's Leading Payment Network Unveils Innovative Digital Card Scheme

Citizens Bank unveiled the much-anticipated Fonepay Credit Card on Tuesday, marking a significant milestone in Nepal’s digital payment landscape. The introduction of this pioneering card by Nepal’s largest payment network, Fonepay, sets a new standard in customer convenience and payment innovation.

The Fonepay Credit Card, announced in a statement by Fonepay, is now officially available for customers, with Citizens Bank being the inaugural bank to offer this cutting-edge solution. This virtual credit card is poised to redefine the payment card industry, promising a seamless and enriched customer experience.

Designed as a fully functional Digital Card, the Fonepay Credit Card empowers customers to access and transact directly from their mobile banking application. This innovative scheme facilitates a myriad of digital transactions across the expansive Fonepay network, enabling QR payments, online/e-commerce transactions, and offering advanced features such as effortless EMI conversion.

One of the key highlights of the Fonepay Credit Card is its swift onboarding process, with customers able to receive and activate their cards within seconds through their mobile banking apps. This streamlined approach underscores Fonepay’s commitment to delivering a frictionless payment experience to its users.

With the Fonepay Credit Card, customers gain unprecedented control over their card management, including limit adjustments and statement delivery preferences. This emphasis on customer empowerment distinguishes the Fonepay card from traditional payment cards, offering a tailored and user-centric financial solution.

Diwas Kumar, CEO of Fonepay, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce the Fonepay Credit Card Scheme as the latest addition to our suite of digital payment solutions. Our mission is centered on prioritizing customers, and this new product exemplifies that commitment. By democratizing credit access, we are ensuring that financial inclusion is accessible to all.”

The debut of the Fonepay Credit Card marks a significant leap forward in Nepal’s journey towards a cashless economy, ushering in a new era of convenience, accessibility, and innovation in digital payments.