Choosing the Right Path: MBBS, Engineering, or a Gap Year? ➤

Choosing the Right Path: MBBS, Engineering, or a Gap Year?

It has been several months since I began preparing for the Medical Entrance exam. I am a good student with strong grades but lack a specific career goal. Due to my upper-middle-class background, my parents have strongly encouraged me to pursue a medical career, even if it requires a substantial investment of 60 lakhs. I saw this as a secure option for my future, especially if I were to study in Nepal. Initially, I aimed to achieve an average score of 140 marks to secure admission to a good college without any scholarship. However, I am now experiencing burnout after just two to three months of intensive study. Considering the prospect of a lengthy journey towards a medical doctorate, I question whether I truly want my parents to invest this significant sum in a field that I’m not sure I will enjoy.

If I do not gain admission to a reputable medical college, my plan was to take a gap year and pursue a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) instead of MBBS. However, I am now contemplating filling out the application form for the IOE as a backup option. The challenge is that the entrance exam for IOE is only four days before the medical entrance exam, which doesn’t leave me with enough time to adequately prepare for both.

What should I do? Should I fill out the IOE form as a backup, or should I focus solely on preparing for the MBBS entrance exam, or should I consider taking a gap year as a last resort?

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