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Automation of meroshare for data/waac/edis

I wanted to know if there are any rules against using bots in meroshare. I have seen post claming that I am not allowed to use the NEPSE site’s data for “direct or indirect financial gain” (I dont know what they think stock market is, but I do understand it might create unnecessary heavy load if many people start scraping every few minutes during trading hour).

But you know, meroshare’s site is down frequently and a couple of times I have had calls form broker as I do tend to forget that I have to do waac/edis. So I want to make a bot that can do that for me during the middle of the night (2-3 am) when there is no real traffic.

Is there anything that I must know before I proceed further?

It wont be for just 1 account as I do sell IPO for my family and also buy/sell for few friends and relatives.


Broadcast Message form meroshare website : “Dear Customers, EDIS transfer time is usual T+1 day from now onwards. If you’ve sold shares, please transfer your shares within T+1 day. – CDSC

Not that it was much different.

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  1. im_alright_ma says

    Why would you want to “automate” Mero Share though? Mero Share doesn’t have any data that you don’t already have.

    **DP Holdings**

    You already have this data. Keep a habit of logging your trades. It’s not like Mero Share shows your transactions immediately after you initiate them. For past data, just download a CSV copy from the portal.

    **WACC Calculation**

    This is publicly available knowledge. Mero Share is simply a portal for your dematerialized account. Regulations are formed *and then* Mero Share adopts it. You could write your own script to calculate WACC from your existing data (mentioned in pt 1).


    What’s the point of automating this? CDS publishes notices in their website ( before Mero Share shows it in the homepage. Mero share is slow only during times of IPO. They are increasing their server capacity though, so things are much better now. Besides, since Mero Share is not issuing its API anytime soon (there’s no point), any automation you’d be doing would be through the UI. So if the site is not working for a normal user, it wouldn’t work for your script either. Just set a reminder on your phone instead every time you sell stocks.

    Any effort you put into this thing will go in vain.

    What I resonate with, though, is automating the boring bits of trading (mostly administrative things). Here are some ideas that might be worth your time: write a script to automatically log your stock transactions (use Google’s messages API to get data of your bought and sold shares); calculate taxes, WACC, payable amount, receivable amount after taxes and commissions, automated email to broker if a sold stock’s amount is not received within X days, overall profit, overall loss, set target per scrip and get notified if it’s met, etc.

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