Aboard vs Loksewa, career guidance

Aboard vs Loksewa, career guidance

Greetings to everyone,
Happy festives to all!

I belong to a lower middle class family from Terai. My home is of single floor with tiles for roof(the simplest house in my society of around 40-50 houses). For fooding, clothing, I never had any problems. My education mostly got covered through scholarships. My father serves a private job, probably underpaid, around 23k.
This society has taught me one thing, MONEY matters a lot, which in reality is also very true.
So, naturally I have aimed to uplift my economic status.
Currently, I am about graduate from a government engineering college at Lalitpur. I have a clear vision of pathway for abroad studies with scholarship and possibly working there itself.

So during these vacation guff’s, I was asked about future plans, and I shared about abroad plans(not with self finance[that’s impossible], but with scholarship). My father insists me to go with loksewa route (Rastra bank, Police, NTC, Adhikrit…) and settle here in Nepal itself. Also, he hinted more towards side incomes, basically under table money, a prevalent culture in Nepal.

I believe to thrive economically(being able to afford a quality life and any possible needs like medical facility, vacations…), in Nepal, I must put my self respect, values aside and practice corruption.
By being honest and practicing values, I can’t imagine surviving Nepal’s bureaucracy.

I aim to earn as much as I can and practice my engineering knowledge and learn and apply new technology and skills.

I am trying to have new perspectives (realistic, positive if exists?)regarding loksewa thing.
Will I ever make any serious use of engineering knowledge I have accumulated in Nepal in loksewa? Also Is it really satisfying, morally and economically in loksewa?

So, should I continue giving unwavering efforts for abroad or should I explore loksewa option as well.
Kindly suggest me your valuable insight.
Thank you.

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