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PPP leaders in Pakistan torture a Hindu doctor.

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PPP leaders in Pakistan torture a Hindu doctor.

During the local bodies election in Islamkot on June 26, a leader of the ruling Peoples Party is said to have tortured a Hindu doctor in the of province.

The Dawn newspaper said that after the incident, doctors and paramedics in Mithi, Islamkot, Chhachro, Diplo, Kaloi, Nagarparkar, and other towns didn’t go to work or help patients outside of facilities because they thought it was a shameful act.

The Dawn said that on election day, PPP leader Ghulam Mohammad Junejo, who also worked for the country’s department, put Dr. Das down in public.

After that, a that went viral showed Junejo making fun of and hurting the doctor, who was working as the head of a polling place.

The Dawn reported that the protesters said that PPP leader Ghulam Mohammad Junejo not only insulted Dr. Ghansham Das but also hit him in front of other staff and police.

They asked for the arrogant leader to be arrested and said they would keep their boycott going until they got what they wanted.

The torture of Dr. Ghansham Das has been brought to the attention of the Supreme Court, which has set up a one-person Commission on Minorities’ Rights. This commission is led by Dr. Shoaib Suddle.

The commission’s head, Qasim Khan, asked for a full report on how the Hindu doctor was tortured. The Dawn said that the Supreme Court set up the Commission in 2019 to make sure that its ruling (PLD 2014 SC 699) on minority rights was carried out.

Activists say that the situation for women, minorities, children, and workers in has reached a new low. This is backed up by several media reports and international bodies.

In Sindh, there are now even more forced conversions and attacks on minority groups. In the country, it is becoming more and more common for young Hindu, Sikh, and Christian girls to be converted against their will.

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