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A deeper look into Mangsir 7 protests organized under Durga Prasai

In this post i will look into Mangsir 7th protests organised by Durga Prasai.

Recognizing the Vision of Tomorrow is the first step in strategic nonviolent struggle. This vision must be concrete and realistic. Most people will struggle and sacrifice only for goals that are concrete and realistic enough to be reasonably attainable This Durga prasai led movement was bound to fail before it even started because this movement hasnt been able to create/announce its vision of tomorrow.

Pillars of Support for the government are rested on mainly citizens, Bureaucracy, Education system, Organized religion, Media, Business/Commercial institution. The movement hast been able to fully sway any of these pillars in its side as of now. As such the government will remain stable and is absolutely not under any real threat. The movement to restore monarchy should identify these sources of power and try and win each one over. These pillars have to fall (or say stop supporting the system) by their own will. A forced demolition cannot work.

A large section of the population obeys by habit. But a section of society is suspicious of our intentions. Certain groups of ethnic and religious minority see monarchy as a potential threat to their existence. This largely due to panchayat era oppression of these groups. We must recognize the damage caused to cultural heritage of different minorities during the panchayat era. Without recognition and reassurance these groups will remain cautious and unsupportive of us. Active effort to educate the role of monarchy in promotion and conservation of newari culture. The culture integration of shah monarchy into newari festivals and such should be used as a reminder to educate people on the tolerant and inclusive nature of monarchy. Another important aspect of poor support from this section of the population is their association of monarchy with hindu nationalist and bahun/chhetri supremist institutions. We must distinguish our goals with the goals of these institutions. While hindu nationalist groups are a potential ally, too close an association with them will make it easier of the government paint our movement as just another hindu nationalist project.

The lack of a clear vision and end goal statement in Mangsir 7 movement has made it easier for opposing forces to create rumors to keep the suspicion alive in many such citizens. As such many people are hesitant to associate themselves with the movement. Another aspect is the inconsistent speeches made by prasai and his past association with the government. All this has also made a lot of people reluctant in associating themselves with the movement.

The media, business and bureaucracy remain obedient for their own interest. Swaying the support of the media and bureaucracy will remain a challenge. These institutions will have little to gain with restoration of monarchy but a lot to gain by staying loyal. Reassurance that all of these institutions will be accommodated and all of the legislative freedom and liberty attained will remain unchanged should be done. Persuasion to join the movement will be easier once a large section of the general population is also supportive of the movement. As of now, durga prasains movement has limited ability to pull these institution to his side.

So was the current campaign a total failure? Well No.

The current campaign has brought several thousand people to the streets and has made the nation restart the debate on monarchy. As such it can be considered successful to some extent, specially with just the restoration of monarchy as an end goal. It has restored confidence in a small section of monarchists. However continuous work has to be put to drive fear out of the minds of other people who are in support of restoration of monarchy. If an organized movement of people who want a restoration of monarchy is born out of this campaign conducted by durga prasai, the we can conclude it as a successful mini campaign.

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