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Why is Saino

Is it restricted to only Limbu,Rai or to other caste too?

Hypothetically if you and your partner mutually like eachother but Saino lagyo hare and you both found out later on when you both are in a serious relationship .So what do you do? break up right? That’s the only feasible option I think!!

What do you think ,let me hear some views on this.

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  1. Maestitiaaa says

    Saino parne means to be related.saino =relation

    “Waha mero saino parcha”=They’re related to me.

    If you’re a grg then saino means eff all unless if it’s someone from the same subcaste.

    Gurung ~~gooye~~ logic 101:Fupu or mama ko chora chori is a-okay, but someone from same gurung subcaste, even if they’re not blood related, is not a-okay.

    I want to break this chain of inbreeding which is why I say no to anyone who has saino with me.

  2. _qex says

    OK what is saino?

  3. oceansofearth says

    It generally ends up in heartbreak. But if serious relationship is there and the relationship is long distant then that could be trurned into marriage

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