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Which one do you think will be the the safe way for someone who doesnt have prior knowledge of secondary market ? Holding onto good company ipo or selling it and start exploring secondary market.

Hi everyone. Its just been a month since i joined stock market . I got to know about ipo and decided to give it a go. Luckily got alloted my 1st ipo JBLB ( thought would make 5k out of 1k but got lucky and will be around 50k) and now i need to make a decesion weather to keep it as it is or sell it and explore secondary market. What would you suggest? Also will jblb be giving bonus this year if yes around how much profit can be expected and when? I plan to borrow some of the parents money so also need to show profit from jblb to them since they are still quite skeptical about seconday market and stock market itslef. What do you guys suggest? I can only give maximum of daily 1-2 hr towards stockmarket ,is it sufficient or should i settle for ipos for next few month?

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  1. seeU_there-- says

    Jblb peak vako bela tira becha. Secondary market ma karobar garna agi chai ekchoti finance portal haru r news hera sabda haru bujha ani grpah anlaysis garna . Kunai company chanera tesko sab report hera long term lai jane ho ki short term garne ho tyesma ni var parx. Halla pxhi nalagnu

  2. Snoo_87561 says

    stick with ipos, invest in low cap growth stock and use every free minute to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH

  3. Capaastik says

    sell if ipo share become excessively overpriced and buy shares of commercial bank and hold lifetime, sell only when its fundamental are bad or problems in its management, or if you find other best investment opportunity.

  4. GamingOfNepali says

    Matah k bhanxu vaney bro take a risk if you have some money. Buy around 30-40 kitta. High risk High return.

  5. Asianlonewalker says

    If u are new, go with ipos now.

    Sabaile share market share market vanera market tatiraxa and in bull too…… but bearish trend ma high risk lyauna sakxa paxi. Good companies ko share kinnu kinepani….jasko dividend history ramro xa. EPS ramro xa. Aruko varr ma lagyo vane aile ta kamaiyela coz market in bull but if trend got bend , fundamentally strong navako company le dubauxa.

  6. [deleted] says


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