Infotaining Nepal since 2001

Where have you guys been investing other than the stock market?


r/NepalStock by breeze959

  1. InfamousCanary7377 says


  2. Critical-Bad-7952 says

    Precious metals like gold. Great inflation hedge and is replica of holding $$ which is illegal

  3. RKay176 says

    DeFi Projects

  4. [deleted] says

    Besides stock market, moz garne ma. [yeah, some savings on banks]

    Whereas I should diverse my portfolio more effectively than now, I have this philosophy of never to be found dead on a pile of money stacked (not stashed 🙂 ) under my bed.

    Life is to be lived now!

  5. dreminemgk says

    Crypto! Thinking about investing in Indian stock market

  6. Old_Organization8924 says


  7. 3ff3ct3st says

    In myself

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