weird Immunity

weird Immunity

I am M20. Here’s my story.

(Surkhet) When I was 2y/o, I drank around 300ml of kerosene. Based on what parents had told me, I was taken to the hospital immediately and hospitalized for few days. I died die.

(Kathmandu) When I was 2.75 y/o, I fell from Chaat(1tala). I landed over a rubber doormat, on spiderman sandles. My head got crushed, but not deformed. Impact pareko thau ma aali aali gilo vathyo re, and similarly, I was taken to the hospital. Lucky, got proper treatment.

Now, 2020. During COVID, My whole family tested for postive but not me. I was with them pretty everything taking care of them, handling kitchen and everything but not a single time I had COVID. I was strong as Thor.same thing with recent Dengue, I was the only member on my family who had pretty no damage due to the mosquito love bite. As I am writing this, I have rugha. The question is why? I believe, I have decent immunity but this sucks. Literally can’t get out of the bed. If you think it’s common to have fever and cold, calm down I get you. Why hasn’t our body fight against those mighty viruses without increasing temperature.

Lol, thanks for reading till the end. Even tho I had miserable health when I was little, but I look like decent guy. And, I was privilege enough to have access to proper health care, what if I hadn’t. Who could comment, “waiting for your KANDA”

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