The New Regulation: Cost of .np Domain Registration in Nepal ➤

The New Regulation: Cost of .np Domain Registration in Nepal

The Impact of Nepal's Proposed .np Domain Registration Fees

In a significant development, Nepal’s government has proposed a new bill that will introduce charges for registering .np (or domain names. This move marks a shift from the current system where these domains were freely available. The Ministry of Communication, Information, and Technology (MoCIT) has released a draft bill for the Management of Information Technology and Cyber Security, outlining the changes in domain registration policies.

The .np domain has been a popular choice for individuals, businesses, and government agencies to create websites, blogs, and portals. Previously, Mercantile Communication handled the registration process for free. However, with the new bill, the government will take control of domain registration, and users will be required to pay a fee to register their desired domain names.

The process of registering a domain will no longer be free, raising concerns among the public. This change impacts startups, bloggers, and individuals who use these domains to promote their content or secure their online presence for future use.

The draft bill specifies that the government’s cyber security department will oversee and manage the .np domain registration. It also introduces regulations regarding domain name uniqueness, prohibiting the use of identical or similar names. Government agencies will follow a specific naming convention with the domain.

Furthermore, the bill proposes a renewal cycle of every two years for .np domain names. Existing domain owners will have six months to comply with the new regulations once the bill is approved.