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Pushpa Basnet: “No child should have to grow up behind bars”

Pushpa Basnet: “No child should have to grow up behind bars”

Kathmandu: Once, many moons ago, Pushpa Basnet visited the women’s prison in Kalimati for her assignment as an undergraduate social work student at the St. Xavier’s College, in Maitighar, Kathmandu. Seeing children compelled to live in prison because they were children of the convicts was disheartening for a young Basnet. When an infant, all of nine months, lying on the floor, held on to her clothes, Basnet had, as she recalls, a moment of epiphany. 

When she came out of the prison, Basnet was a changed person. She vowed to devote her life to changing the situation of those hapless children. Her assignment transformed into a life’s work.

Today, Basnet is one of the most noted social workers in Nepal. In the 16 years since she has been active in social work, Basnet has turned the lives of countless children around. Basnet’s contribution to social work has been recognized internationally; in 2012, she was awarded as a CNN Hero, by the American media company, with a cash purse of 50,000 US Dollars. Pushpa’s organization, Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC), an NGO, was awarded an additional 250,0

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