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Nepse Tms API related help Chaiyo

i am trying to make a script that fetch data from nepse tms api using python.

almost done but the only problem that i am stuck is generating **Host-Session-Id** headers

base64 decoding gives **MTI=-8adedd0d-a2ef-4f9e-b68b-80d3851adc34**

now all i have to do is get this value which i don’t know how


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  1. stackoverflow7 says

    Kunche endpoint use gareko? AFAIK, they have already blocked that public API

  2. GoodAirline4188 says

    You will need to convert the `suid` from local storage to Base64-encoded ASCII string to get the value for `Host-Session-Id`.

    In JavaScript, you can do that with a single line of code.


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