Nepal should learn and be ready!

Nepal should learn and be ready!

Two things Nepal should learn in a proper way and be ready.

After Japan had massive earthquake on New Year’s Day, the tremors will expand slowly and form underneath and slowly pull out on different location where tremors will explode and earthquake will occur, it could be anywhere where there’s earthquake zone and it might happen very big in Nepal. (God forbid but you never know)

So how much education and preparation have we learn and be ready to take action as smoothly as Japanese? Mayne not in their level but at least better than expectation.

Also, we could learn very much about the fire evacuation procedure from Japan that another horrible incident happened at Haneda Airport today.

Are Nepalese engineers in good form to tackle such disaster?

How about the public? Do we all have any knowledge about what to do/how to do stuff?

Nepalese! Be ready! Don’t neglect. Learn and share the good knowledge to all. Thank You.

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