Nepal ma padhne ki bahira jane? ➤

Nepal ma padhne ki bahira jane?

There’s no issue with studying in Nepal. It’s about controlling the state of your mind and being aware of the market and industry you are trying to go into.

If you have enough funds, you can go abroad. Else Nepal mai padhera pani you can do lot more better. **Don’t get dragged into the frustration of “Nepal ma basera kei hunna, Nepal ma padhera kei hunna”. Kina nahunu majja le huncha. Afno kaam ramrari gara, ramro padha…** Nothing more is necessary. Within few years of working professionally you will realize ki kun college, kun university, kun country, kati grade doesn’t make much sense, like SEE ma kati grade aayo bhanera bachelor pugda kei matlab hunna.

In my workplace, we have people with brilliant academic background, with low scores and even the dropouts and people with no any academic certificates. It’s about demonstrating your ability and upgrading yourself with the changing world.

I request all the youths to get out of this trauma. Nepal mai padhera much better progress haru dherai chan. Currently it’s a difficult situation and we do have frustration especially political frustration. Ignore it and keep yourself moving and progressing. Your overall course duration might be changed slightly Nepal ma basera. Compensate that updating yourself with the market standards on the job positions for your study domain. Even students from top universities and colleges will be doing internships of 3/6/12 months.

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