Nam matra Nepal bhayo. ➤

Nam matra Nepal bhayo.

This debate is no more about if there should be a monarch or a minister. I think this debate should be about us nepalis , why are we like this, why are we stupid , why do we have no morals , why do we hesitate to take action. Everyday I see a new scenario played by a new character . I’ve learned to observe these characters in the streets ,busses and even my college. Many foreigners might think lack of education might be the issue…that is why they categories the people of our nation. Ctrique their odour, their style , their behaviour towards the slightest scenarios. Today I observed certain people in my college they were sitting behind us in the dining table . They were a big group and had ordered quite a bit of food and after they had eaten they choose to leave their leftovers and dirty dishes without cleaning up and I could see those poor didis cleaning up the table visibly looking frustrated . Keep in mind these are students of a so called good high-school in nepal. Another scenario I took the bus home today and saw a group of colleges kids that were tearing up the seats while recording a video . People seemed to not care , Well how would they the bus was so overcrowded that people barely had space to breathe and stinking armpits unwashed clothes and bodies against each other .
I would recommend the nepali public transportation system if you ever want to raise your blood pressure . People talking the likes of cast their land their recent trip abroad while handing out a torn note to the conducter and saying how expensive has it gotten and leaving the bus .Another one character a middle aged lady having a kitkat on the bus and later wiping her sticky hands on somebody elses jacket is the context of people in our nation . I no longer choose to blame the government, it is the people that are too blame . The people who blame the government are either the people mentioned above or a uncle infornt of a TV that complains while he sits their doing nothing growing his already big 54 inch waist while blaming his wife for putting to much sugar in the tea . For everyone asking I’m not a rajabadhi nor maubadi I’m a buddhi badi . I just happen to prefer the system of monarchy over this current one and yes I’m allowed to say this without having an argument and justifying this statement because the same person that killed 17 thousands people sits as our prime minister and has brought “freedom” to our nation.

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