Mt-15 Bike mods. ➤

Mt-15 Bike mods.

Are there any comfortability mods that have been done in MT-15? Bike chai ekdam ramro ra fun lageko cha but there are some comfort issues in long rides. Seat extender chai dekhya ho tara aru kk huncha mods haru and are they legal or not?

Seat ma foam thapna paye ta hunthyo but I am on the shorter side, seat height badhauda jhan garo ni hola.

I travel ktm to dhulikhel frequently. Suru ma ta pugda purai thakai lagthyo. Ahile halka bani pareko cha but still not the most comfortable.

Ani generally where are the go-to places for trusted motor hardware purchases? Milesamma pricing pani mention gardinu hola.

I am a new rider so any tips and tricks and useful legal mod suggestion is appreciated.

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