Looking for some contacts for a short documentary I'm shooting in Kathmandu! ➤ Nep123.com

Looking for some contacts for a short documentary I’m shooting in Kathmandu!

Hey everyone!

I’m planning to shoot a short documentary in Kathmandu from December 1st to 4th, and I’m on the lookout for some amazing individuals to interview on these fascinating topics:

* Nepals Pottery and ceramics
* Architecture
* Woodwork and metalwork craftsmanship
* Newar culture and art
* Monasteries & religious sites

If anyone has contacts or knows someone passionate and knowledgeable about these subjects, I’d be thrilled to connect! Whether it’s local artisans, priests and monks, historians, or experts, I’m eager to capture their insights for this project.

Your suggestions and help are greatly appreciated. Drop me a message or comment if you have any leads! Thanks a bunch!

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