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Last minute ma price suddenly increase hunu ko karan k hola as in is it done by the brokers (or thula kheladis) so that next day they can sell those stocks at even higher price? or are they just very bullish on those stocks?

Aaja last minute ma KSBBL ko price ekaichoti increase bhako thyo. Also astina aru stock ko ni vako dekheko chu. Koi lai kei tahcha vanne eso explain gardinus, thank you in advance!

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  1. Silly_Delivery_5015 says

    so I already have 200 units of ksbbl ani from past few days I’ve been seeing broker no 20 buying huge quantity of ksbbl. I think some big player of broker no 20 is trying to corner the share of ksbbl. You can check today’s floorsheet broker no 20 le tanna utaako xa last moment ma. I you can hit and run you can earn 20-25% profit from this stock

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