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KMC Working To Empower Women Through The Creation Of Their Own Businesses.

KMC Working To Empower Women Through The Creation Of Their Own Businesses.

The ‘Women Entrepreneurship Development Procedure, 2021’ has been issued by the Kathmandu Metropolitan City in an effort to make women living within the metropolis self-sufficient by developing, promoting, and institutionalising women entrepreneurship through their economic empowerment, according to the city’s website.

The protocol, which was published in the Local Gazette last week, calls for the implementation of women’s entrepreneurship development programmes at the ward and district levels. In addition to the production of goods such as decorative and gift items through waste recycling, the programmes also include the operation of beauty parlours, the weaving and knitting of scarves and shawls, the production of candles and incense sticks, the production of traditional Newari foods such as bara and chatamari as well as soft toys, clay pots, nursery plants, mobile and watch repair, dairy and meat products, bakery, and the operation of an online business.

The procedure states that KMC will provide necessary training to women beneficiaries, assist them in developing a business plan and marketing products, provide technical assistance, and coordinate with banks and financial institutions to assist them in receiving subsidised loans through the entrepreneurship development programme.

According to the process, KMC will cover the costs of lunch and transportation for recipients while they attend the course. For the purpose of identifying and developing associated programmes as well as conducting monitoring, a four-member management committee chaired by the vice-chairperson of the Urban Development Commission of the KMC has been established under the protocol. Other responsibilities and activities of the committee include the appointment of consultants or trainers, the approval of the strategy paper for the entrepreneurship plan, and the preparation of a budget.

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According to the procedure, only women who permanently reside inside the city will be eligible to submit an application for inclusion in the entrepreneurial development programme.

A notice in a national daily newspaper, soliciting applications from interested and eligible women, must be published by the KMC within 15 days after its publication.

The application must be accompanied by a copy of the applicant’s citizenship certificate, a letter of reference from the relevant ward office, and any other documents that may be required by the governing body.

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