Job opportunities for Electrical Engineer ➤

Job opportunities for Electrical Engineer

I was told by boss to search some one for job so I am posting it here.

Company: ISP located at Dhumbarai
Loaction: Dhumbarai
Education: Bachelors in Electrical Engineering (power system as major subject)
Experience : Not required
Salary : around Rs 30,000

Must have 2 wheeler’s license

1.Power Distribution Design and Planning
2. UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) Systems
3. Power Quality Management
4. Fault Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
5. Compliance and Standards
6. Collaboration with Other Teams
7. Documentation and Reporting

One aspect of the company that may not suit everyone is their payment schedule. The company gives salary in 2-3 months gap.

While this delayed payment structure may not be ideal for everyone, it could be a feasible option for those who are willing to wait for compensation and are more focused on gaining experience at this stage in their careers.

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