I saw a post about not wanting to get married. ➤ Nep123.com

I saw a post about not wanting to get married.

I was a person who didn’t want to get married at all. My perspective have changed as I grow old. I do wanna get married some day.

I don’t believe that marriage makes any relationship stronger but it does adds a sense of relief that you’ll have a partner for life. A person to come home to say all about your day, good or bad. You’ll know there somebody waiting for you to be home and vice versa.

I saw a post not wanting to have the responsibility of a spouse or children. I understand the persons perspective completely as I was that person before myself.

Once the alone life you’re living is filled with a partner, you’ll see what changes it can bring in your life. How amazingly you transform into another person while remaining the old you at the same time.

Do share your perspective and do you wanna get married?

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