How normal is it to not get sick for a long period of time? ➤

How normal is it to not get sick for a long period of time?

**Tl;dr-** I feel like I am too much healthy, or is it normal for everyone.

I am 19F and I swear the last time I got sick was in grade 8 (13 yrs old). Teti khera ni malai 101.7 °F joro aako thyo ra ekdin mai nikovo. Tyo vanda paila 5 cls ma birami vako the. Tya dekhi aaile samma birami vako xaina nata joro. I know it’s good thing but I used to get frustated a lot.

My parents are extremely strict and nerver allowed me to skip school.I tried a lot of things during school time to get sick like eating 12 ice cream at once in winter and bathing with cold water at night for at least 2 hour, or drinking toilet ko tap water mixed with shampoo/ sabun (it was disgusting) and ate carpet muni ko fohor. But guess what I never got sick, Tetro shampoo sabun khayera ni vomit ni aayena. Shampoo/ sabun khada maile chinya 1,2 jana sister got sick for 3 days and kept vomiting everytime she ate something. But my body digested it like apple juice.

It’s been long I stopped trying those things. But still I eat very unhealthy everytime. I eat junk or oily food everyday or I don’t drink more than 3 glass of water. Dal bhat ni jaile sukkha khanxu, saag,dal, green vegetables haru kaile khanna (aalu aalu chanera khanxu jaile). Constipation ni hudaina. I feel like my all these habit will make me suffer a lot on future. Future ma sugar, pressure, cancer sab hunxa jsto xa aaile dherai healthy vayera.

oh, I do have few acne and hair loss. Still aru manxe haru khali birami vairako dekhera aafu sanga achamma lagxa.

Are there any other people like me?

PS;- The reason I tried to get sick was I used to live in hostel. 3 month ma 1 time ghar aauna pauthyo so birami vaye ni extra days ghar basna man hunthyo.

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