Help an introvert guy reach Pokhara.

Help an introvert guy reach Pokhara.

My exam just finished and I want to explore different parts of Nepal. I will start by Pokhara. I am 22 year social awkard guy who have never left ktm valley. I can’t even ride a cycle. I don’t have any friends. I am tired of my monotonous life.

So, please help me on clearing some doubts.

i) Should I book bus tickets from eSewa, khalti etc. or get from physical counters. Can I book tourist bus? I stay at Imadole, Gwarko area. Should I reach the bus terminal or will they pick me from my location?

ii) How much time would it take to reach Pokhara? Should I bring snacks/waters with me? Will they stop at somepoint where I can go to toilet or have soft meals?

iii) After reaching Pokhara, how should I go about booking hotels? Should I book from here (ktm)? Do I have to pay advance in hotels for staying?

iv) How should I visit to different places in Pokhara? As I don’t know how to ride, what options do I have? Is Pathao, Indrive available in Pokhara? I have heard taxis are likely to scam you.

Maybe I am overthinking, but this is the first time I am going outside ktm and that too alone. Sorry, if the queries may look weird but I don’t have anyone to ask these questions.

P.s I have a budget of 1 Lakh, but I prefer to spend as little as possible.

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