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Brain drain: Compulsion or a wish?

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Brain drain: Compulsion or a wish?

Brain drain is described as the movement of people to different parts of the world searching for a better standard of living and quality of life, incomes and more politically stable situations.

It has become a serious issue in our country these days. When we ask people, “What is your plan for life? Many reply that they are planning to go abroad.

This has developed into a habit or compulsion for them. Each year, more than four hundred thousand students pass their Plus two and more than a thousand people leave Nepal dreaming of achieving their career and earning money.

Those people who are educated and financially strong go to developed countries, whereas other people go to Gulf countries.

Since the early 2000s, the number of workers going to Gulf nations for temporary work has increased at an unprecedented rate, according to the Nepal Labour Migration Report 2020. Many people are falling down due to a lack of career prospects, a suitable environment in which to earn money, and the desire to prove themselves.

People are also forced to leave their country due to constant questioning from families, friends, and society about what to do ne

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