Birthday gift led to break up ➤

Birthday gift led to break up

Always had this habit of giving expensive gifts to my gf. I took her to best places to eat, got her everything she ever wanted not because she used to demand these things but because i genuinely wanted to treat her like a queen. And i showed her how much I love her and what she meant to me in every possible way. Flowers, bouquets, love letters, poems were everyday stuff from my side. I have never raised my voice on her, always tried to fix every fight asap, brought her to my home and introduced her to my family and gave her all the assurance in the world.

But I didn’t feel the same energy from her. Yes she said she loved me and wanted to marry me but sometimes she acted like she just doesn’t care and i started to feel the change in her energy recently. I never felt appreciated for my efforts tbh.

So the thing is- it was her birthday. I had promised a lavish gift for her on her birthday. I didn’t get my salary this month and i had to give all of my savings to my family because my father’s business suffered a huge loss.

I expected her to understand but she reacted poorly. “If i were you, i would fulfill my promise at any costs”- those were her words. She didn’t even acknowledge my problem. She didn’t even bother about my financial crisis. Her point was i should have given her the lavish gift at all costs because i had promised. “Tyo jabo bouquet ra cake ko formality liera ma vako thau aune haina, i dont need anything from you.”- she said ! This led to a huge fight. This woman, whom i had given all the love and all the things that she ever asked , jasko lagi ma mero family sanga fight garna ready the, family lai xodna pani ready the, she didn’t even understand my problem the only time i couldn’t fulfill her wish. It’s as if everything i did before for her didn’t count.

It was a deal breaker for me. I am not painting her as a gold digger because she comes from a rich family herself but some girls are so fucking immature that they just can’t acknowledge basic life problems and want to be treated like queens all the time but forget to be there for their guys when they need them the most.

Blocked her everywhere, said i was leaving and the sad part is- she didn’t even stop me. She hasn’t tried to contact me. After all that i have done for her, it’s just fucking sad !!

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