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About Driving License Expiry Date ?

Namaskar Sathi haru,

There is no clear explanation anywhere online about this info.

Does anyone know, how much time we have to renew our expired license ?

And what are the consequences if we didn’t do it (Say for 6 months) ?


Any help regarding this is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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  1. EventuallySpooky says

    after expiration you have 90 days grace period to renew it. if you fail to do so then there will fines. if you fail to do even that within next 5 years then your license will be invalid.

    Fines after expiration.

    1st year: 100% of amount
    2nd year: 200%
    3rd year: 300%
    4th year: 400%
    5th year: 500%

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