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Is Elon Musk buying Disney now?

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Is Elon Musk buying Disney now?

Recently, has garnered a lot of attention. The world’s richest billionaire had a contract in place to buy Twitter for a stunning $44 billion. Things, however, appeared to get worse when Musk asserted that the network had a bot problem. Bots are fictitious accounts created to disseminate spam or dangerous links for financial benefit. That led Musk to reportedly back out of the agreement. However, as per a clause in the agreement he had with Twitter, that might mean the individual would have to pay $ 1 billion. Now that the individual is being connected to something more significant than Twitter, some are thinking that he may be attempting to acquire . A mysterious tweet sent out is what caused that. This tweet is seen below:

On Twitter, is quite the character. He frequently engages in verbal arguments with the business, stealing memes and without properly attributing them, and now he appears to be threatening action. The aforementioned tweet might just be his sense of humor, but he recently attempted to purchase Twitter. Disney allowed Steamboat Willie to become a part of the public domain, according to the article above. Mickey Mouse made his debut in the motion picture Steamboat Willie. Musk merely stated in a tweet, “It’s time.” We’re not clear if he means to mention Steamboat Willie in all of his planned products or if he’s making a move to negotiate a deal with the media firm.

Again, might just be cracking a joke. It’s difficult to tell because of his tendency toward dry humor. The individual did, however, make fun of the in another tweet, which sparked speculation that he might be trying to buy the business. The scenario is based on a nature documentary that was shot many years ago and included lemmings that committed mass suicide. Lemmings are not inclined to do this, according to recent study, though. Many people now believe that Disney staged the entire incident and killed numerous animals. Musk responded to this concern right away. The tweet is displayed below:

definitely intended the aforementioned tweet as more of a joke. Additionally, we’re positive he was treating Twitter similarly before he had any plans to buy the business. He frequently cracks jokes about the and frequently discussed the changes he would do if he owned the site. He then made a genuine purchase offer for the company in response to those remarks. This might indicate that he will try to buy Disney. Although it is speculation, he could be able to. Forbes estimates that the current market value of Musk is $219 billion. Even purchasing Twitter for $44 billion would not be too costly for him.

The price would pay to acquire Disney is unknown, but it would be significant. Disney’s projected net worth is $97 billion, per Gobankingrates. Based on a $203.6 billion asset valuation less a $105.84 billion drop in obligations. Simply put, even acquiring the media giant would probably cost Musk at least a portion of his net wealth. The man might return to the top spot soon after the purchase, though, thanks to the financial benefits of owning the business.

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