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What is Monkeypox? Symptoms, treatment, precautions

What is Monkeypox? Know how it spreads, symptoms and treatment


What is Monkeypox? Symptoms, treatment, precautions


is a rare disease caused by infection. Monkeypox virus is a member of the genus in the Poxviridae family. Variola virus (which causes smallpox), virus (used in smallpox vaccine), and virus are all members of the Orthopoxvirus genus.

How does a person get Monkeypox?

Unlike SARS-CoV-2, which spreads via tiny airborne droplets known as aerosols, monkeypox is thought to spread via close contact with bodily fluids such as coughing saliva.

What are the ?

Headache, skin rash, fever, body aches, chills, swollen lymph nodes, and exhaustion are all symptoms of monkeypox. It causes symptoms that are similar to smallpox but less severe. The time between infection and the onset of symptoms, known as the incubation period, can range from five to 21 days.

What is the treatment for Monkeypox?

The CDC states that there is no proven treatment for monkeypox, but the smallpox vaccine, antivirals, and vaccinia immune globulin can be used. Jynneos (also known as Imvamune or Imvanex) is a smallpox vaccine that is also indicated for monkeypox.

How do you ?

There are several precautions that can be taken to avoid infection with the monkeypox virus:

  • Avoid contact with animals that may be infected with the virus (including animals that are sick or that have been found dead in areas where monkeypox occurs).
  • Avoid coming into contact with any materials that have been in contact with a sick animal, such as bedding.
  • Isolate infected patients from others who could be infected.
  • After coming into contact with infected animals or humans, practice good hand hygiene. Washing your hands with soap and water, for example, or using an alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • When caring for patients, wear personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • (also known as Imvamune or Imvanex) is an attenuated live virus vaccine that has been approved for the prevention of monkeypox by the US Food and Drug Administration. The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) is currently evaluating JYNNEOSTM in a pre-event setting for the protection of at risk of occupational exposure to orthopoxviruses such as smallpox and monkeypox.


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