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What’s your strategy of portfolio management for the current bull run?

I went FOMO on a lot of stocks during this bull run. There were decent returns from each, but perhaps it wasn’t the best strategy considering the time, broker & DP fees and effort.

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  1. LoanSad5133 says

    20% not gonna sell only add more

    60% hold and wait for good opportunities conservatively sell

    20% trade

  2. SheldorLeConqueror says

    50% ghateko & badhne chhemata bhayeko overall ramro fundamental bhayeko. (1 to 3 scripts)
    (Badhepaxi bechne plan ma & ghatepani dherai ghatdaina bhanne sure bhayeko)

    20% long term ko lagi which is usually hold mai hunxa.
    (Bull sakine jhai lagesi bechne ) (1 to 3 scripts)

    30% jhandumar J chali raheko chha tei. Usually aaile ko case ma hydro jhai.. High risk wala.
    With strong Stoploss rakhera. (1 to 3 scripts)

    Also afno portfolio ma 3 to 6 ota script matra rakhda track garna sajilo hunxa.

  3. [deleted] says

    I buy good stocks only and hold. I sell only when there’s 10% profit or above.

    Strategy here is if market goes down I will be left with good stocks, so I should be able to recover the loss later.

    I mostly buy/sell stocks worth just above 50000rs in order to bring down brokerage commission but this doesn’t always play out as planned.

  4. sup3rcalifragilistic says

    High volume vanya kati vanda mathi ly vanxa?

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