What if I make game based on Lakhe?

What if I make game based on Lakhe?

Yo, currently, I am studying Computer Science (Games) in the UK, and lately, I have been thinking of creating a game based on Lakhe. However, the problem is, in the game, I have portrayed Lakhe as a villain. Aaba yesto garda k like minority haru rishaucha ta? Or i am just overthinking

Yeso opinion rakhnus ta

Thank you for the amazing response, everyone. Let me clarify: Lakhe won’t be a villainous character. He is more of an anti-hero, based on folklore. So, yeah, thanks. I will come up with a new idea and make it even better.

Additional update: So, I will be dropping the name Lakhe. Because, after seeing the controversy surrounding Lakhe Rush, Kumar Filter. I think it’s not the right thing to do. Even though my intentions are not malicious, Anyway, I will be adding character names and appearances that are different, where the vibes will be the same but the story and appearance will be quite different. Although I want to say a lot of things about the game, at this moment, I can’t say anything. But I can assure you of that. If, by any chance,  this project is successful, Then, I will let you guys know what is going on with my projects and let you guys test the game. Anyway, thanks for your suggestion.

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