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What is the ultimate truth?

I would like to talk about the difference between an educated and an uneducated man(literate or an illiterate i dont know but this word choice might fit as per some of you) . Do you guys think an educated man is more open to change , has a wider perspective in different subjects and is clearly different in terms of etiquettes and the way he present himself from an uneducated one? I would like to entirely believe there is sharp line between an educated and an uneducated one and adhere with the Nepali proverb akhir padhe lekheko manche padhe lekhekai huncha however, I have myself stumbled upon highly educated professionals who were not respectful enough. One of my high school teachers despite being an intellect in physics was always disrespectful towards his students and taunted us for no reason. akhir k ho kura are such things rooted with upbringing and Am I mistaking it for education ? I dont want to be criticized for word choice and such things since this confusion was living rent free in my mind I just want to clear it out…

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